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Xinn radically simplifies the process of automating presentations and collateral, enabling digital engagement, and revealing valuable insights, all using the voice of the customer.

Drawing on a wealth of experience and intellectual property, developed and earned since 2002, Xinn is our new, cutting-edge sales enablement platform.




Pulse Check





Design / Automate / Create

With Xinn’s self-service interface, simple content management, and access to nearly limitless data sources, you and your team can jump right in to creating personalized collateral for your customers and prospects.

Pulse Check

Pulse Check allows you to incorporate the voice of your customer in every presentation, enabling you to speak to exactly what your customers and prospects say they want to hear.

Share / Present / Interact

Once your presentation is ready, Xinn allows you to digitally engage with potential customers in a way never seen before. Securely share your presentation with your audience. Integrate your presentation seamlessly into a multi-media playlist. Interact with your customers to get immediate input that can help you win more business.


True insights are data-driven. Xinn understands how your audience truly feels about your content, what motivates your customers and prospects, and utilizes real data to understand the voice of your customer, helping you earn your next win.

Mastered Complexity. Elegant Simplicity.

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